Covenantal thoughts exist as a platform for reflections that pertain to Christ, his world, and his church. We believe that no human thought can be neutral, and that every thought ought to be taken captive to the Lordship of Christ (2 Cor. 10:5). Thus, every thought reflects either obedience or disobedience, and our goal is to exemplify that obedience by thinking in a distinctly Christian manner regarding important topics that impact the world and the church today. In other words, we seek to be distinctly Reformed in our every thought. Our authors come primarily from Asia, and thus we will be directing more of our attention to Asia and Reformed theology within it.

The posts contained in this site do not necessarily reflect the views of every contributor, though they will be within the bounds of the Westminster Confession of Faith.

Covenantal Thoughts is associated with Gathering Jakarta:“Gathering Jakarta” exists to proclaim the redemptive message of Jesus Christ, the glory of the Triune God, and the whole counsel of His will through theological education, cultural engagement and community reformation. We organize classes, seminars, fellowships, conferences and provide resources that help to address the needs of the city for the purposes of equipping the saints for every good endeavour. We aim to do these things  in a manner rooted in the Christian Scriptures and normed by the Reformed faith, as contained in the Westminster Standards.