I thought it would be useful to write down the books I have read (or am reading) every few months or so – if anything for me to keep a record for myself (and for the guys at home who wonder what I’m doing day to day).

I won’t include in these lists any books written by Bavinck, or directly about Bavinck.

  1. Eclipse of Grace: Divine and Human Action in Hegel – Nick Adams, Wiley-Blackwell, 2013.
    • A close reading of sections of Hegel’s major texts – Adams rejects Hegel’s ontology but commends his patterns of reasoning and conception of logic. Very useful in showing how Hegel’s logic can be a help to theology – reasoning that could not be found in the analytic tradition.
  2. Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion – Hegel (Selections)
  3. An Introduction to Hegel: Freedom, Truth, and History – Stephen Houlgate, Wiley, 2005.
    • Clear rendering of Hegel’s thought.
  4. Introduction to German Philosophy: From Kant to Habermas – Andrew Bowie, Polity Press, 2003.
    • Good, but sometimes the chapters are too brief.
  5. Thomas Reid and the Story of Epistemology – Nicholas Wolterstorff, Cambridge University Press, 2001.
    • This was such a helpful read – shows Reid’s response to modern epistemology as represented by Descartes and Locke by way of a close reading of Reid’s texts.
  6. Atheist Delusions: The Christian Revolution and its Fashionable Critics – David Bentley Hart, Yale, 2010.
    • Hart is an incredible writer – always worth reading. He takes the historical claims of the New Atheists here with ease – showing that much of their claims are based on mythological fancies, and not on any historical basis.
  7. The Meaning of Marriage – Tim Keller, Riverhead, 2011.
    • Great Sunday reading – simple and clear. Glad this is available for the church.
  8. Post Reformation Reformed Dogmatics (Vol. 1) – Richard Muller, Baker Academic, 2003.
    • Finally have the time to sit down and read through the whole thing – an astounding work; but I don’t quite lament the downfall of “Christian Aristotelianism” as much as Muller does, at times.
  9. Nineteenth Century Protestant Theology (Vol. 2) – Claude Welch
  10. Revisioning Christology: Theology in the Reformed Tradition – Oliver Crisp, Ashgate, 2011.
    • Nice short book on the various Christologies of Reformed Theologians, from figures like Calvin to contemporary theologians like Kathryn Tanner
  11. Neo Calvinism and the French Revolution (Ed. James Eglinton and George Harinck) Bloomsbury, 2014.
    • A fun read on the relationship between the two movements. Essays included historical studies, theological observations and cultural reflections. Some creative ones include an essay on Fashion as an embodiment of worldview, Islamic Headscarfs, and the impact of theology on how one understands the existence of diverse languages.


Chapters in:


Impact of German Idealism Vol. 4

Analytic Theology (Ed. Oliver Crisp and Michael Rea)

Modern Christian Thought (Fiorenza)

Fergus Kerr – After Aquinas: Versions of Thomism

The Authority of Scripture in Reformed Theology: Truth and Trust, Hank van den Belt.



For Future Reading:


Revisit Schleiermacher’s the Christian Faith

Hans Urs Von Balthasar’s works.

Wolfhart Pannenberg

Van Ti’s Common Grace and the Gospel (Second Edition)

Reformed Catholicism – Swain and Allen


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