Nathaniel Gray Sutanto — Author & Founder

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the University of Edinburgh, focusing on Dutch-Calvinism and I hold an M.A.R. from Westminster Theological Seminary. I write theology, and have a primary interest in Reformed theology, epistemology, and systematic theology. I have published reviews and articles in peer-reviewed journals such as the International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, Journal of Theological Studies, Journal of Reformed Theology, Westminster Theological Journal, Indonesian Journal of Theology, and the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society.

Eko Ong — Author

I am as described in [Romans 3:24]. I strive for [2 Peter 3:18]. I live by the promise in [Romans 8:28-30]. I am happily married to Yenny Ong (my high school sweetheart) and blessed with 2 wonderful boys Caleb and Clement. I grew up in Indonesia. Since I was little, I was taught Reformed theology without knowing it until I came to the States and encountered a buffet line of theological thoughts. Having partaken of different fares from the buffet line, by God’s grace I ended up where I started yet with greater conviction, discernment, and charity. I hold an M.Div degree from Redeemer Seminary Dallas (previously Westminster Dallas Campus). My theological interest primarily lies in the area of biblical studies (especially NT). I also hold a PhD degree in electrical engineering from Univ of Wisconsin-Madison. Currently I am a director at Samsung Research America Dallas. I also enjoy martial arts and am currently a Sports Taekwondo practitioner.

Alex Shaokai Tseng — Author

Shao Kai Tseng (DPhil, Oxford) is Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology at China Evangelical Seminary, Taipei. He is the author of Karl Barth’s Infralapsarian Theology: Origins and Development, 1920-1953 (IVP Academic, forthcoming) and a contributor to the Oxford Handbook of Nineteenth-Century Christian Thought (forthcoming). His research interests include modern theology, sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Reformed orthodoxy, theology and the arts, and Sino-Christian studies. His wife, Jasmine, a fashion designer by profession, is his most significant source of intellectual stimulation, inspiring him to reflect theologically on everything they explore together: music, art, literature, Chinese tea, movies, and life in general.

Brandon Smith — Author

I was born in 1989 in Champaign, IL in the United States and I was born again in 2009 when the Grace of God came and sought me. By his providence it was by my investigation of deeper theological truth that I came to know the Lord and that theological curiosity has been characteristic of the rest of my new life in Christ up until this point. I thank the Lord for his Covenant faithfulness as I seek to think his thoughts after him covenantally. I hold a bachelors degree in Religious Studies and in Philosophy from Elmhurst College and I am currently an M.Div student at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. I have been an athlete for most of my life having played American Football from an early age through high school and I also was on the Elmhurst College wrestling team. I post regularly at I also may or may not be Westminster Theological Seminary’s most eligible bachelor.

Tezar Putra — Author

I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia as a Muslim and was first introduced to the Gospel explicitly by a friend while I was studying in the U.S. The Lord opened my eyes to receive this Gospel of grace in 2006. I was converted through Campus Outreach, a campus ministry of a local Presbyterian Church in Memphis, Tennessee. My heart’s desire is to share this life giving Gospel to others, especially to those who have not heard in my home country. I believe that this Gospel has the power to save lives and transform whole cultures into loving conformity to His will. That is the work I pray the Lord graciously includes me in, primarily in Indonesia. I married my wife (Tatiana Putra) in December 2009, and we are currently students at Reformed Theological Seminary Orlando. I am currently in the process of completing my Master of Divinity, and she, the Master of Arts in Counseling through RTS Orlando as well. We will both graduate in 2015 and hope to start a Church plant in Jakarta soon after. I like to play various sports (mainly tennis) and we both really enjoy movies.

Tim Richardson — Website Curator

After being saved in 2001, I was brought up amongst a passionate charismatic church however my thirst for truth was never quenched. I wanted a film degree at an arts college or academy, however despite all odds I ended up at Biola University and received a BA in Film and a minor in Biblical studies. It was during my stay here that I experienced overwhelming shifts in my faith. I was once on the path of charisma and mysticism, but now I stand as a reformed Christian. Even today, I continue on this journey of truth daily and challenge myself. I currently work in Los Angeles as a freelance crew member, but I travel to and from my home Hong Kong frequently. My passion is to film but also to reveal truth to those around me.