The relationship between philosophy to theology is that of a handmaiden and not of a master. We run into problems in our theological thinking when we assume that our finite faculty of reason has the ability or the right to be the arbitrating judge over the Word. This means that an encounter with mysteries and paradoxes in Scripture should drive us toward greater worship of the Triune God instead of propelling us to an impious frustration.

Philosophy, and the right use of reason, therefore, is to communicate, articulate, and make accessible the great theological truths found in the Word of God. It has no right to dicate it where it should go, but its a necessary tool for the construction of systematic theology. I was honored to be able to contribute to the excellent Journal of Indonesian Reformed Theology (Jurnal Teologi Reformed Indonesia) exploring this view of the relationship between philosophy to theology in the work of Jonathan Edwards. I concluded that he is an exemplary model in that regard.

Special thanks to Dr. Yuzo Adhinarta for the permission to upload this article here.

Sutanto, Nathaniel Gray. “Reforming Reason: Jonathan Edwards as an Exemplary Model.” Jurnal Teologi Reformed Indonesia 3.2 (Juli 2013): 103-112.

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