I had the privilege to interview my friend and hip-hop artist Timothy Brindle on the relationship between Christianity, theology and hip-hop. Much of what he says merits reflection.

Timothy Brindle is renown rap artist for lampmode productions along with artists like Shai Linne, and Stephen the Levite. His songs include All Sufficiency of Christ, Means of Grace, and Christ Restores. His lyrics, like all the artists from lampmode, are both biblically sound and theologically rigorous.


Questions asked:

What is it that first drew you to Reformed theology? (0:51)

Were you already devoted to hip-hop prior to becoming a Christian? (5:12)

The relationship between Christian Reformed theology and Hip-Hop? (8:42)

What is your view on the regulative principle of worship, and controversies regarding the value of hip-hop for communicating the Christian faith? (13:15)

How can hip-hop serve Christianity, internationally, and especially in Asia? (22:05)

An upcoming album: Redemptive-History and Hip-Hop? (27:29)


You can download a few of his songs for free here. You can also see the Gospel Coalition’s feature on Tim’s story here.




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